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#ConditioningwKandace workouts are 30 minutes of high-intensity bodyweight flows focused on maximizing cardiovascular endurance and bodyweight strength.

The style of the workout was developed from my desire to express my creativity, to move my body in challenging ways, and to truly enjoy the time I spend sweating.

I have taught a group fitness version of the workouts at the HQ and pop-up events since 2014. The class continues to create some of my favorite memories and foster a strong culture of teamwork. 

I've never taught the same class twice. Over the years I have built a library of
movements, favorite combinations, and workouts.

This site is my place for sharing all of that plus new daily workouts.



The workouts are designed to be done in a small open space. You can do them at home, in a gym, or a hotel room if traveling. You can perform the workouts with no equipment or add gliding discs and resistance bands to increase intensity. The workouts can be modified to support beginner to advanced fitness levels but are designed for those looking to truly push themselves.

Most workouts require just 30 minutes of your day.

Each workout offers a unique mix of:

-Bodyweight strength building exercises

-Power building plyometric movements

-Balance and coordination testing skills

-Core burning creativity