Gratitude Creates Energy


Have you ever interacted with someone of a high-energy and wondered how they keep going? Gratitude and vitality are strongly correlated, people of high-gratitude are often outgoing, friendly, self-confident, and full of energy. Gratitude creates an energy that you can feel, it shifts perspective from “I have to” –to- “I get to” making daily effort seem effortless.

When you enter the workplace, take note of your energy, are you excited for the day ahead or do you feel drained? Do you want to give more effort to your work or to the people in your life? Could you put in extra seconds, minutes, or hours? Is your attitude draining your energy?

Hard work and your attitude about it, is the purest reflection of your gratitude!

I’m challenging you to reframe your thoughts, identify people, experiences, and abilities in your everyday life that give you a unique advantage or bring a smile to your face. Take it a step further by expressing your gratitude out load to yourself and to those active in your daily routine. Pick up the phone and call/txt someone who adds value in your life and let them know you applicate them. Now bring that energy with you as you enter the work day. 

Weather your work brings you joy or enables things that bring you joy, you “get to” work today! Celebrate opportunities you have created and your ability take advantage of them. Gratitude creates energy, energy creates opportunity, it’s a self-replenishing cycle. 



HappinessKandace Hudspeth