Morning Hydration Cocktail Himalayan Salt

Morning Cocktail Himalayan Salt.jpeg

Morning Hydration

Do this before your morning coffee.

I love waking up to my morning coffee for more reasons than the coffee’s the moments with the morning coffee that matter but I digress. I’m working on having this cocktail before my morning coffee.

💧Drinking 12 ounces of it first thing in the morning to improve hydration and maintain your energy throughout the day.
🍋Fresh Squeezed Lemon for gastrointestinal function, Vitamin C production, reduced inflammation, immune function and getting my belly ready to break down the days meals.
🥄Himalayan Salt, electrolytes and minerals.

The Recipe:
💧12oz – room temperature filtered water
🍋1/2 organic lemon squeezed
🥄 1/4 teaspoon Himalayan Salt

If that's not a reason to incorporate this morning routine here are 21 more benefits …

Removes toxins by improving digestion and elimination
Boosts hydration
Reduces muscle cramps and migraines
Improves adrenal and thyroid health
Increases energy
Improves sleep quality
Balances pH
Strengthens bones and teeth
Clears skin
Improves heart and cardiovascular health
Facilitates weight loss
Dissolves uric acid to prevent kidney stones and arthritis
Relieves allergies
Destroys bacteria
Balances hormones to improve sexual health
Reduces inflammation
Boosts immunity
Balances blood sugar levels
Detoxifies liver and cells
Relieves heartburn
Lifts the mood, in moderate amounts

🧘🏼‍♀️🍋💧 like woah, that’s a lot of reasons to take on a new morning ritual right?!

Let me know if you try it.