Lessons In Aging Gracefully

The more time I spend investigating the aging process, the more I shake my head at my younger self. My mother shared so many knowledge bombs with me growing up, but I often missed the “why” behind many of them. I’m not so sure she always had the “why", and in many cases I’m connecting the dots for her as I discover and implement behavior changes to support my goals of aging gracefully and living each day in true health and happiness. After so many years living across the country, it feels awesome to be here for her daily.

The blessing of the aging process...
- Self-awareness
- Patience
- Active study
- Pure intention
-True and thorough implementation

Listen more, ask more questions, and act with even more care, be patient... aging basically makes you the perfect daughter, right? 🤷🏼‍♀️

In all seriousness, the nuggets Mom dropped growing up…
- “Hunny, I really wish you would slow down.”
- “I know you want to take on the world, but could you try to get a good nights rest?”
- “Remember, dinner is at 6pm, be at the table."
- “Are you sure you should be dieting in this extreme manner?”
- “Don't forget to wash your face and do your night -time routine.”

It may have taken 36 years for me to really listen, but I hear you Mom 😘xo

Over the last five months, I’ve been diligently working on what we call the Basic LifeStyle Guidelines, or BLGs here at @opexfitness
🌗Balance - My daily relationship between work and rest.
⚡️Energy - Supporting and maintaining my natural circadian rhythm.
🤘🏻Rhythm - Blood flow, hydration, digestion, recovery.
❤️Purpose - Alignment in all areas of life.

See the similarities with Momma’s nudges for me to get it together? Haha! Love you, Mom!