Jump In. My Interview With Keep Moving Forward

This was my interview with the inspiring Katy Galli of the Keep Moving Forward Podcast...
“You can either jump in, or you can sit back and wait for the next opportunity.” Kandace Hudspeth is the living embodiment of her own advice. Walking through the door of every opportunity presented to her until she found the ones she was meant to pursue, lead her to the position she is in with OPEX today, lead her to create her own fitness platform, and inspired within her the desire to help any person on their own fitness journey along the way. Believing that “movement should be something that challenges you while also reaffirming your ability to achieve”, Kandace has dedicated her life to the pursuit of helping people move. Her story is one that you can’t miss if you’ve ever felt the pull to run after your entrepreneurial spirit. I hope you all enjoy my interview with Kandace Hudspeth.

Kandace Hudspeth