Endurance Workout 2

The goal of these workouts is to keep you moving the entire session. You will want to maintain a pace that is challenging but that you can sustain for a minimum of 20min. As 20min becomes less challenging you have the option to increase your intensity or increase the duration, building to 40min.


3 to 5min Jog, Row, or Bike or select a warm up from earlier this week.


20-minute EMOM of 20/10 reps of the following movements.

*EMOM = Every minute on the minute. Complete the prescribed exercise inside of each minute and rest for the remainder of the time. At the start of the next minuet begin the next exercise and so on.

Example: If you start your lunges with the clock and it takes you 30 sec to complete 20 reps you rest for 30 sec and start the burpees with the clock hits 1min. Continue in this manner until you complete 20 min of movement. It will get harder as you move through the workout! 




20 Walking Lunges

10 Burpees