10 Wellness Truths

Ten Wellness Truths

As a fun exercise, each of us on the Nourish + Bloom team offered our personal wellness truths. After we collected a long list, we picked our favorites.

Confession: We do our best to follow these, but trust us, we don’t always make it happen! We think, however, that they’re all important to keep in mind.

#1. Drink water

Of course you’ve heard this a billion times. But, it’s on this list and is a popular axiom for a reason: Your body is made of water. Every single cell in your body needs water to survive. Every system in your body needs water to function. If you have low energy, get headaches, and feel generally lousy, first order of business is to drink more water.

You don’t need to drink a gallon a day, or worry about peeing clear. Drink enough that you pee regularly, that your stools are soft, and you sweat when you exercise.

#2. Sleep, sister

A lack of sleep weakens your cognition and alertness. It also makes it more difficult for your memory to work properly. Sleep deprived people can have a lowered sex drive and are more at-risk for diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Not sleeping can wreak havoc on your hormones, which can cause your skin to age more rapidly and your body to gain weight.

If you have trouble sleeping or getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night, your primary wellness goal should be sleep. Choose a bedtime routine and stick to it. Turn off all electronics at least one hour before you go to sleep. This includes your phone. Turn it to airplane mode, or put it in another room.

Make your room dark and cool. Before you turn out the light, read, journal, or just chat with your partner. Turn off the light early enough so that you get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

#3: Do something active every day

You don’t have to go to the gym every day. But, we suggest doing something active each day. Go for a long walk, play in the park with your kids, go skiing, build a snowman, do 50 push-ups.

Regular physical activity may help reduce your risk of heart problems. Your bones, muscles, and joints will be stronger—which is particularly important as you age. Exercise is also good for your cholesterol, weight management, and overall happin


#4: Show love

Human beings are meant to be around other humans. We’re social creatures. Maintain the strength of those important relationships with demonstrations of your affection. Show the people you love that you love them: give hugs, send cards, give praise.

Affection and love is reciprocal. If you want more in your life, give it.

#5: Serve others

Take some time each month to help other people. Do it without any desire for a return, social media exposure, or even a “thank you.” You don’t have to volunteer at a food bank or shelter. Any time you spend in the service of others counts.

Being selfless—even for a short time—can help you gain a new perspective on your own life and your own issues.

#6: Prioritize and set boundaries

You are responsible for your own happiness. So, you need to choose what’s most important to you. Your list should be short. Once you have that list, set boundaries against anything else that might get in the way of those priorities.

#7: Go outside

We weren’t meant to sit in a desk under fluorescent light all day, every day. Fresh air, even if it’s cold, and a connection with nature is an essential part of wellness.

You don’t necessarily need to be “outdoorsy” to be outside. But, try to spend a little time each day in fresh air and sunlight.

#8: Take care of your skin

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body. It’s the first defense against environmental toxins.

Use sunscreen. Although vitamin D from the sun is important, UV rays are connected to skin cancer. The sun also causes damage to your skin cells—causing wrinkles and spots. So, if you’re going to be outside, use some sunscreen.

Wash your face every night. Exfoliate. Moisturize.

Each year, see a dermatologist. If you have problems with acne or have other concerns, a professional can help!

#9: Eat with intention

We’re not into “diets.” Instead, we suggest being intentional about the food you put into your body. Eat slowly, pay attention to ingredient labels, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and a have balance of carbohydrates, fats, and protein.

Get close to your food sources. Shop local and ask questions about the farms that grow your food. If you eat meat, buy from local or regional ranches.

Put food in your body that makes you feel energized, healthy, and whole. If you can, try to cook at home so you know exactly what’s in it. If you have the space, garden. Even a few pots on your porch will do!

#10: Laugh often

Loose yourself in laughter at least once a day! Surround your self with friends who not only make you smile but make you laugh out loud uncontrollably. The benefits stretch far beyond the short ab workout, you’ll elevate stress, reduce muscle tension, increase circulation, release endorphins, and build even stronger relationships.

What are your favorite wellness tips?

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