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My passion is helping you design a lifestyle fully aligned with your highest priorities creating true fulfillment, health, and happiness.

Take a look at the the many ways we can work together building your best life. This site houses free content and tips, digital products,  and 1:1 coaching services.


Lifestyle + Nutrition Guidelines

If you want to feel your best, move your best, and look your best, you have to live from that perspective and make choices with that intention. Download my 10 Lifestyle + Nutrition Guidelines to help you learn your body, figure out which foods and daily actions are fueling your energy and which are draining you. This is the first place to start on your journey to a healthier and happier life.


Bodyweight Flow Bundle

Get access the 14-day Workout Guide, access to the Exercise + Workout Libraries, and so much more!

Instagram Marketing e-Book

Everything you need to build a brand and drive growth on Instagram!

Lifestyle Design Map

Learn how to live in alignment with your highest goals or priorities to create fulfillment and happiness


The Fitness. Business. Happiness. Podcast

 This podcast is for anyone looking to elevate their thinking, find new levels of happiness, and design the life they love. Join me for impactful conversations, power thoughts, and a megadose of health and wellness minded lifestyle tips to build your strength in and out of the gym.


1:1 Coaching With Kandace


This is your time. I am here to help you design the life you love, fully aligned with your highest priorities, bringing you health, happiness, and the confidence to take the next step.

Topics we will tackle together:

  • Defining priorities and designing a life you love

  • Strategies for building brand and driving personal and professional growth

  • Unraveling career and lifestyle challenges to define root problems, navigate choices, and map out solutions

  • Designing your ideal day blueprint, balancing career, personal development, fitness, family, and fun

  • Building strategies to eliminate stress derived from balancing the tensions of your personal and work life

  • Pushing past fear and doubt, getting you unstuck from situations that don't bring you joy or keep you from thriving

  • Designing roadmaps for executing a new task or learning a new skills

  • Navigating fitness, nutrition, and wellness goals

  • Individualized fitness program design

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